Engoho KuKu Farmer

  • 176 Hatcher Basket

    176 Hatcher Basket
  • Automatic Drinkers

    Automatic Drinkers
    Check variety of Nipple Water Drinkers, Automatic Chick drinkers, Bell Drinkers we sock.
  • Battery Cages

    Battery Cages
    The Battery cage system preserve the birds’ energy for important body processes like metabolism...
  • E4224 Incubator

    E4224 Incubator
    Setter Space: 1584 eggs Hatcher Space: 528 eggs Input Power: 800W, Power input: 240V...
  • E48 Incubator3

    E48 Incubator3
    E48 Incubator3
  • Incubators

    An Egg Incubator should be well calibrated and set at required parameters needed by eggs for proper...
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