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Nipple Water Drinkers
Ratio: 1 nipple for 4 – 5 birds.
Water nipples only work under low pressure (5.5 psi or less).
Do not connect directly to a house water pressure. If you want to have it connected directly to a garden hose then a water pressure regulator is required.
The nipple drinker system should allow for height adjustment as per the birds’ size/age

1. Nipple Drinkers Provide sufficient water for optimum bird growth and efficiency.
2. Reduced labor (Some open watering systems, such as bell shaped waterers, v-troughs and cups need to be cleaned and disinfected daily)
3. Broilers are healthier when drinking from nipple drinkers
4. Mortality, condemnations and medication costs are almost always lower with nipple systems: bacterial contamination of the birds’ drinking water is greatly decreased and litter conditions are usually much improved.
5. Nipples allow access to water on demand (one drop or a steady stream-user’s choice)
We supply and Installation of Quality Nipple drinkers @Ksh 70 / pc.

b) Automatic Chick drinkers

c) Bell Drinkers